Sailing Clubs You Can Join In the UK

In the UK, near many rivers or ports, you will find a sailing club. These clubs serve the needs of the sailors who are eager to learn the sport. If you live in the UK and have a passion for sailing, then you can join of the best sailing clubs here. We are recommending some sailing clubs for you.

Royal Yacht Squadron

It is the most prestigious sailing club. It’s located on the Isle of Wight. To join this club, you need an invitation. Today both men and women can join this club. Once you join the club, you will get an experience of ‘royal’ treatment. Many famous sailors have been to this club before. The club provides outstanding and unique facilities to its members.

Royal Southern Yacht Club

This club is located near a beautiful river. You will love the view of the water and nature from the club. Unlike other prestigious sailing clubs, the dress code of this club is relaxed. There are separate sectors for the youth and senior citizens.

Orwell Yacht Club

If you are looking for a more affordable sailing club, then you can consider this one. It is located near Ipswich. In this club, the boat owners learn how to take care of their boats. They do the repair and maintenance of the boats themselves.

Tollesbury Sailing Club

This club is located in a village in Essex. Though the club is small, it has earned a good reputation for providing outstanding service.

There is a rooftop bar, and it is a point of attraction for many sailors. The members of this club sail very often, so you will get plenty of chances to improve your sailing skills.

Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club

This club organizes various races, including handicap racing and fleet racing. It is located on the border of Sussex. There is a small pond near the club which is used for teaching how to sail.

The expensive clubs have more facilities. However, the low-range sailing clubs are also very good at serving their members. You need to read reviews and take advice from someone who has recently joined a sailing club in the UK.

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