Checklist For Organizing A Casino Night At A Sailing Club

Being part of a sailing club is fascinating. Sailing is a wonderful activity that can give you inner peace. If you are a member of a sailing club, then you will enjoy the social gathering that takes place at the club.

Every year the club organizes an annual gala and a casino night is just the perfect way to celebrate your membership at the club. If you are a member of the club, then you can help organize a memorable casino night at the sailing club using the following checklist.

Number of members attending the event

You should first find out the number of members who are going to attend the event. You can send an online registration form to the members to fill up. The number of attendees will help you to decide on your budget and organize casino tables and other things.

Food and drinks

You should decide on the catering service. You must choose the dinner menu. Take into consideration any special dietary needs. Having a buffet dinner can give the members lots of food options. You should set up a temporary cocktail bar so that the members can have as many drinks as they want throughout the night.


As the party is organized as part of an annual gala, you should have good entertainment. You can hire a DJ and professional croupier to host the casino games. You can rent slot machines and roulettes so that the members can try out their luck.

You can also give the members free access to WiFi so that they can play online casino games in Karamba. You can have a raffle draw and give away lucrative prizes to the members. You need to encourage other club members to volunteer in arranging the event. Make sure you have enough money and resources to make it a memorable event for all the club members.

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